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Wooden Gate project based on our Westminster gate range

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Westminster wooden gate in-situ

All our gates can be altered in design to suit a customer's requirements. Our Westminster gate is the most frequently modified standard gate.

Our Westminster range of wooden gates incorporate timber spindles within a frame. 

After a consultation period with our customer our usual CAD design process is undertaken. Once the gates have been drawn up in accordance with our customer’s brief the drawings are then sent for approval.

Once approved, the manufacturing process commences, with each component being mortice, tenoned and fitted into each of its joints.

Once the spindles are fitted the frame can be built around them. It is then glued and clamped giving a strong jointed structure.

Once cleaned up and sanded these gates were painted white using a special bespoke RAL colour that was chosen by our customer. The process of painting requires 2 coats of primer and fine sanding before two coats of the coloured top coat is applied. This aids the longevity of the paint finish and helps with subsequent maintenance coats.

These particular gates were fited in Surrey and automated with subterranean motors.

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Initial CAD design

Westminster wooden gate - initial CAD design


Westminster wooden gate construction

Westminster hardwood gate construction Westminster wooden gate construction

Westminster hardwood gate constructionWestminster wooden gate construction

Westminster wooden gate painted white Westminster wooden gate in clamp