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Folding garage doors

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

hardwood bi-folding garage doors

Folding garage door project comprising of 14 sets of four leaf bi-folding doors in frames.

This project was purely bespoke envisaged and designed to meet the specific requirements of one customer. It utilises a system of stainless steel running gear and locks that we've used on previous projects.

The frame system has a sill that traffic can pass over and a draught and weather proofing seal that keeps the weather out and the heat in.  This makes these door sets ideally suited to temperature controlled environments.

The doors and frames are manufactured from Iroko hardwood with a spray applied paint finish. The design is to mimic traditional joinery with bead and butt boards and glazing above allowing light to fall into the room. For added security the glass is laminated which also has a UV rating which reduces the amount of harmful rays entering the garage which can otherwise contribute to the fading or oxidisation of paint work on vehicles.

Folding garage doorsThe ironmongery we used is generally used in folding restaurant facades and comes with a ten year guarantee. Here we have used it in a stainless steel finish but it is also available in black and bronze.

Each folding set operates as two leaves folding out to the left and right, and a combination of locking mechanisms have been used. Drop bolts with locks for internal operation and hook locks and handle sets for external operation.

All our garage door projects are bespoke built for our clients needs. Many door designs can be used whether traditional or contemporary or we can design a project unique to a customer’s requirements.

Door sets are available to fit a maximum opening width of 16m x 3m high.

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