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Customised 'Victorian style' Windsor gate

Friday, April 29, 2016

At Bespoke Gates and Garage doors we quite often get asked by our customers for variations on our standard gate ranges.

Sometimes customers would like to blend design features from two or more of our designs or just slightly modify a standard design to suite their specific needs. The particular project featured here is based on our popular traditional Victorian wooden gate -  the Windsor. This design was modified for our customer.

Our customer wished to increase the sizes of the components to give a more chunky look. After some conversations and sketches we were able to draw up the design which was accepted without revision. The gate was installed to operate as a sliding gate, automated and controlled remotely.

The finish on the gate is a gloss white enamel with the house name engraved onto the top rail. The picture of the finished installed gate was kindly sent to us by our customer including this testimonial......

"I was very happy with the whole process.  From the initial site visit through to taking delivery of the finished gate. I requested that the standard design was reworked to give me a bespoke product and my requests were carefully interpreted and the final product looked stunning. I am more than happy to recommend James and Martin as they are clearly committed to producing a quality service and product."

MC Chertsey Surrey


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